Ontario COVID-19 Roadmap to Reopening – Step 1 as of June 11th 2021

With the province now in Step 1 of the Roadmap, multiple activities have resumed, including outdoor dining and non-essential retail with limited capacity. Such reopening’s means that more people will be going out and more rides will be online.

VanBr Safe Practices

* The health and safety of our Riders and Drivers is our priority. As we navigate through this pandemic, we want to make sure we are doing our part.

* Following guidance from the government, Riders and drivers are to self-isolate if they are displaying any of the covid-19 symptoms and are not allowed to use VanBr Rideshare.

* Regardless of vaccinations, until the restriction are eased, the use of face masks is mandatory for both Riders and Drivers.

* Passengers will not be able to use the front seat for the purposes of social distancing

** Please note: We are constantly monitoring the newest information and will be updationg our policies to be in line with the best safe practices as recommended by the government.

About VanBr

VanBr is a new and emerging rideshare service provider who cares for drivers and riders. Our goal is to provide a reliable and affordable ridesharing service at a competitive cost. We listen to our customers and our drivers so that we can improve and provide the best ridesharing experience. We started in Ontario outside of the GTA in communities that are in need of timely and affordable on-demand transportation.

Why VanBr?


We do the background check of all of our drivers so that your safety is not compromised.

Why VanBr


We value our customers. That is why our pricing is reasonable and competitive

Why VanBr

On Demand

We are here to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

VanBr Rides

Save money from rising costs of purchasing and maintaining a car. If you need to go somewhere, book a ride with VanBr. Our drivers will pick you up from where you are and drop you off to where you need to go. We are committed to fair-pricing and getting you safely to your destination.

Rider Benefits

You can book your ride, wherever you are on-demand

Avoid carrying cash and pay by Debit/Credit card

Get affordable and safe rides with our experienced drivers

Customer support at your fingertips

Download our app

VanBr Drivers

Vanbr is created for people who desire extra income. Our drivers have the flexibility to take time off whenever they need. We provide on-time payments. Our drivers are important and we take their feedback into consideration. Come and join our emerging team and start earning now.

Driver benefits

Flexible work hours: You choose when you work and how much you work

All gas and car related maintenance is tax deductible

Earn more because we take less commission compared to others

Get support at your fingertips

Get paid on time

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To become VanBr Driver

Most people can drive with VanBr. The requirements vary by city, but there are a few minimum requirements:

Be at least 25 years of age

Have a valid provincial driver's licence

Your vehicle must be 10 model years or newer

Vehicle must be in good cosmetic condition

Vehicles cannot be salvaged or rebuilt

Snow tires are mandatory in the winter time

Vehicle must pass a Vehicle Inspection by a licensed mechanic

Required Documents

Before hitting the road, share the documentation below:

A valid Ontario G Driver's licence or equivalent

A second piece of government ID

Proof of work eligibility

Proof of vehicle registration

Proof of vehicle insurance

Proof of vehicle inspection: Safety Standards Certificate

* Please Note: There may be additional requirements based on the by-laws of the city you will be driving in

Get In Touch With VanBr

We are happy to assist you. Get in touch with us to find out more. VanBr is a Canadian company located in the City of Barrie in Simcoe County.